“You should say what you mean,” the March Hare went on.
“I do,” said Alice, “At least – at least I mean what I say –
that’s the same thing, you know.”
K S Ramanan | Head, Learning & Development, Ernst & Young
“Navgati has been partnering with us for over 3 years now. I consider Navgati special because they are passionate people and it shows in the discussions, in the pre-work and in the programmes that they deliver. Their programmes have been very well received. Gopakumar & Aruna have created something very special. I wish them the very best.”
Gulshan Walia | Manager, Learning & Development, EMC
"I have known Aruna and Navgati for more than 6 years now, and it’s
been a great partnership! 3 concrete value additions that Navgati
brings forth as a learning & development partner are:
  • Depth of subject matter expertise - Navgati's training modules are very well researched and rich in content. They strike a beautiful balance between timeless wisdom on the particular topic as well as the most contemporary thoughts emerging on that subject. It is evident that a lot of due diligence is done by the Navgati team in terms of content creation.
  • Breadth of subject matter expertise - Navgati covers nearly the entire landscape of behavioural training. They have offerings from time management to emotional intelligence to coaching skills, and so on. In a way, they are a one-stop shop for all your behavioural training needs.
  • Excellence in training delivery - Aruna and her team of expert facilitators receive excellent feedback from the participants. Their knowledge of the subject matter, refined articulation skills, ability to listen and well-thought out responses to participant's questions makes them a fondly cherished team of trainers.”
Bharathi Srinivasan | Thomson Reuters
We at Thomson Reuters have been engaging with Navgati for our First Time Leadership Workshop. Navgati spent sufficient time in understanding specific needs of the business, in building case studies and designing 2 days offsite for the first time managers. We have covered nearly 140 employees since last year and are continuing to engage Navgati in the coming months to cover the rest. There has been consistent positive feedback. Post-training effectiveness needs a special mention. The participants are able to recall the learning to add to their development plan as well as practice behaviors to bring about transformation at the workplace. Some participants have found the programme so effective that they conducted some of the exercises they learnt during the workshop with their teams to transfer learning.

The offsite is part of the entire curriculum and gives a good head start in terms of networking, managing difficult conversations and techniques to be assertive at workplace.  Navgati has highly efficient facilitators who enable participation and open discussions with the mixed audience.

I have personally experienced their workshop for the L&D community on using theater as a teaching methodology.

I enjoyed the half-day session and believe this methodology is powerful as it gives a platform for being creative and expressing oneself. I learnt the power of communication or rather expression to communicating oneself. As each one of us is unique, the programme is a rich experience and a visual treat to see different forms of thinking, expressions and communications.
Susanta Misra | Head, Motorola Hyderabad
“Gopakumar, writing this thank you note as a student of your class, which I thoroughly enjoyed. Your ability to engage the students is exemplary. Sitting in your class is an investment on learning.”
Craig Chatterton | President, Excel247
“Navgati has been an exceptional partner from initial start-up through many business growth/development/evolution phases. Aruna's ability to recruit and develop excellent HR talent, eagerness to take on new challenges, and commitment to develop long term customer relationships has made Navgati a superb partner and trusted advisor. Navgati is the first place to call for great HR services, solutions, and advice.”
Arvind Krishnan | CEO, The Fuller Life
“Aruna worked with me as my coach for a few months last year. We spoke every week or two over a 6-month period and I am delighted to report that it was really useful to me. Those conversations allowed me to get perspective on my working style and target areas of improvement. It also allowed me to see the repetitive patterns that I was following and made me aware of the flaws in those patterns.

Importantly, talking to Aruna allowed me to introspect and examine myself in a very structured manner. This, in turn, got me to understand goals and priorities that were important but undefined and to start working on what was needed. Aruna is meticulous in her interactions (she is always on time and keeps notes) and this worked well for our arrangement. Lastly, Aruna is easy to talk to and has an independant bent of mind. This augurs well for anyone who is coached by her.

I whole-heartedly recommend working with her and hope to do so in the future.”
Lina Nangalia | Executive Coach, Global Coach Trust
“Aruna is a perfect balance of head and heart coaching. She is able to see through words and create deep awareness for the client. It is a joy to be coached by her!! I have benefited greatly from her coaching!!”
Hemalakshmi | Learning & Development, Tata Motors
“Our experience in working with Navgati has been extremely positive. The knowledge and expertise that they bring to the table is phenomenal and coupled with seasoned facilitation skills it is ensured that the programme brings in desired results. We have used them successfully for all levels and their “no nonsense” dealings are a major relief and save you from any unnecessary headache.”
Satish Rajarathnam | HR, Siemens Ltd.
“Navgati has partnered with us for several years now, specifically for critical HR-organisational interventions. Most of Gopa, Aruna and their team’s interventions were delivered with high levels of impact. Great team with exceptional HR competence. A special mention for Navgati’s outbound team building workshops.”
Ramesh Ramanathan | Founder, Janaagraha
“Aruna and her firm, Navgati, have been involved in helping Janaagraha for the past few years. Her engagement is in the area of institution-building and leadership development for the organisation. It involved detailed assessment of talent within the organisation; discussing the growth needs of this leadership group, identifying specific programmes to address these development needs; and helping deliver some of these modules.

Aruna is also on the Advisory Group for our HR and Volunteer programme at Janaagraha.
Clare Harman | Learning and Development Officer, Symbian India
”To me, I like the uniqueness of the courses offered by Navgati. They have expert trainers who specialise in a few areas and they deliver great courses. They're happy to customise based on the company and I really like the fact that they take the time to research the audience before running a new course at Symbian. I have faith in the courses they run and really appreciate the honesty on what they can and can't deliver. I'm particularly keen on their technical background. As we all know, technical people are a very unique type and have a certain way they like to be trained. Navgati can provide this and I appreciate their help in delivering high quality training to my engineers. Thank you, Navgati.”
Shilpa Menezes | Human Resources Manager (Leadership & organisation Development), Sterling Commerce Solutions India
“Our employees in India have been experiencing programmes from
Navgati for the last two and a half years; whether it is to get the young campus graduates tuned into a professional environment or the first-line supervisors groomed into better leaders. The deep commitment of the founder members to create value at Navgati powered with the high engagement, passion & energy levels of the trainers have helped us take our programmes into higher levels of maturity and satisfaction. The delivery of every programme from Navgati is filled with pre-reads,
activity-oriented learning, customised role-plays and creative assignments post-training. I recommend Navgati as a training partner to any organisation that wants to further enable their learning culture and derive the true ROI on the training spend.”
Madhu Bisht | Head – Human Resources, Nokia Siemens Network
"I have interacted with Navgati over the last 7 years and found them to be creative and yet simple in their approach, extremely professional and willing to share knowledge. Their training sessions are effective, focused and packed with a lot of fun. Their training content is well-researched, delivery is excellent leading to high audience engagement. Several batches of employees have gone through their programmes and the feedback received was that the sessions were a positive learning experience where they have been able to learn at their individual pace.

In short - they deliver more than they promise"