Let's go down the rabbit hole

Navgati is a reputed provider of innovative and impactful learning experiences. We help leaders be the best that they can be through our facilitation, coaching and assessment offerings.

Founded in 1999, Navgati has worked with over 500 organisations across industries. We offer over 70 customisable learning options in the areas of people leadership, coaching, communication, personal effectiveness and facilitation. We have positively influenced over a 100,000 people through our interventions and over 15000 people get added to this number every year.

While working with Navgati, you will experience the unique combination of the responsiveness of a small company with the breadth of vision and capability normally only available from larger organisations. Any of our clients will be happy to attest to that.

Who ARE You?’
This was not an encouraging opening for
a conversation. Alice replied, rather shyly,
‘I--I hardly know, sir,
just at present-- at least I know who
I WAS when I got up this morning,
but I think I must have been changed
several times since then.