Navgati offers two coach

training programs that prepare

participants for the

ICF credential.

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What We Do
Navgati is a reputed provider of innovative learning experiences. We help leaders be the best that they can be through our coaching, training and assessment interventions.

Founded in 1999, Navgati has worked with over 350 organisations, across industries. We offer over 30 customisable solutions in the areas of leadership, communication and personal effectiveness. We’ve trained or coached over 50,000 people so far.

While working with Navgati, you will experience the unique combination of the responsiveness of a small company with the breadth of vision and capability normally only available from larger organisations. Any of our clients will be happy to attest to that.
What We Do
Why Alice
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We have chosen Alice in Wonderland as the central theme for our website. Alice in Wonderland is a charming and beautiful story – more vivid than you can ever imagine.

The story essentially is about a journey made interesting by the nonsensical characters that make up Wonderland. Alice realises that she is not just trying to figure out Wonderland, but also attempting to determine who she is in a world that actively challenges her perspective. Lewis Carroll, the master storyteller, leaves with us profound philosophical messages through these unique characters.

What was delightful for us was that we found an appropriate quote for every programme.

Like Wonderland, each of our programmes is a product of our imagination. We hope to take participants through a captivating journey where the perceptions they hold will be constantly challenged, in a fun and engaging way. There will be a story-like simplicity the delivery of significant messages. We can promise that!
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